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Sleep Angel

Answering the questions "why is my child not sleeping" or "why have they stopped sleeping well"? can be daunting for parents to address alone. It's very common for parents to experience sleep difficulties with children of all ages. At Sleep Angel, we help parents and families get a better night’s sleep or improve day sleep with sound advice and techniques. We are leading sleep experts who help children and families get into an effective routine that helps everyone feel more rested.

We provide support for new (and not so new) parents and their children having difficulties falling and staying asleep. Our techniques are gentle and based on proven results from hundreds of families as well as international research on the treatment of sleep problems in infants and children.

We provide in home, telephone and online support in the form of short consults, day visits, overnight support and combination packages. We look at all factors that impact sleep including routine, breastfeeding, nutrition, and behaviour.


Is your baby or child not sleeping? Have Sleep Angel come to you!

Get in touch with Sleep Angel on 0410 493 599

"If it weren't for Genevieve, we would still be getting up every couple of hours overnight to attend to our second daughter, Sally. Right up until the age of 7 months, Sally was a very unpredictable sleeper and we eventually realised that we didn't have the knowledge, or more importantly, the strength to deal with it any other way than the usual - putting the dummy back in, continuous night time feedings and co-sleeping".

“I just wanted to say thank you so much.... You were the answer to our prayers! No one tells you how important it is to teach your baby to self-settle.... Millie now puts herself to sleep with no fuss at all, settles herself back to sleep if she wakes up, sleeps longer than 40 minutes during the day and now sleeps through the night. This is how it should be. I can now enjoy my beautiful, long awaited baby girl. Thank you so much Genevieve.”

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