Sleep Angel helps children and families get a better nights sleep and supports children with day sleep as well as sleep overnight. Sleep difficulties can cause strain on family relationships, affect parental mood and health and can have a negative impact on child growth, development and mood. At Sleep Angel, our team employs successful techniques to rectify all sleep issues, helping everyone sleep soundly, feel better and enjoy being awake!! Here are some testimonials from families that have benefited from Sleep Angel's support. 

Contacting Sleep Angel was the best thing I have done , I just wish I had done it sooner. When I read the testimonials on the website I thought 'sleeping through by the third night! Yeah right, It'll never work with my little one'. After 2 stints at Tresillian, my little one was still waking 6-8 times during the night (at 8 months of age) I felt helpless. I dreaded sleep times because they were always a battle which I often lost. My back was so sore from rocking my little one to sleep and by 8.5 months of age he was getting too heavy for me to continue. Genevieve and Courtney were a god send. By the third night he was sleeping through and he is one next week and still sleeping through. Hallelujah!

Until recently I hadn't slept more than three consecutive hours for a month and a half. I was exhausted from pram pushing and driving all over town to make my baby nap in the day and from being up all night. Genevieve was recommend to me by a friend and I was desperate for guidance to make him sleep. Genevieve taught me that all babies are different, after trying and testing so many different theories from other mums, a Mothercraft nurse, Tresillian, Karitane and the GP, she focused on my baby and his specific needs. Within one week my five month old baby is sleeping in his cot at home, can self-settle and is sleeping through the night (11 hours). I cannot thank her enough.

Genevieve was instrumental in turning around the sleepless nights we experienced with our little boy. She helped us understand the reasons behind our difficult nights. She then gave us clear strategies to tackle our boy's sleep and, rather importantly, the confidence and encouragement to implement those strategies.  We found Genevieve to be calm and professional, yet compassionate and warm. She listened well to our problems and addressed our queries head on. She was a pleasure to work with. We would freely recommend her services to anyone seeking help with their child's sleep.

Our son Otto slept well for the first three months of his life. However, by month four he started waking at all hours and I found myself feeding him back to sleep. To make matters worse, I was sleeping in the nursery and on most nights I was bringing Otto into bed with me to settle him.  Being a second time mum I knew some tough love was needed, but I didn’t have the energy to apply it. I had also lost the ability to interpret Otto's cries. At around five months, I rang Genevieve and she patiently talked me through the options. We booked a three night program with the lovely and highly experienced Judy, one of Genevieve's Sleep Angels.  Within three nights, Judy had Otto sleeping from 6.30pm to 6.00am. She also got rid of the dummy and the regular 10pm dream feed (not to mention all the extra night feeds he was getting). She also got me out of the nursery and back into my own bed. Otto is now seven months and I am happy to report that he has been sleeping through ever since. I have also noticed that his day sleeps have improved and he is now in a great routine. We are forever grateful to Judy and Genevieve for helping us with Otto and would highly recommend the program to any parents struggling with sleep issues.

We always had sleep issues with our son, Michael. We tried sleep school (day stay) at 6 weeks, 3 months and stayed for a week in residential stay at 9 months... Each time we learnt new techniques on how to settle our son, but nothing really sticked. After a week or so he would go back to waking constantly and needing to be picked up, shhhhed, patted, rocked etc... I was at breaking point and didn't know what to do. My sleep was almost non existent. I was going to bed when he did at 8pm and he would wake again at 9:30/10pm and take around 2 hours to settle back to sleep. Then he would sleep for around 2-3 hours and wake for another 2 hours or so. My nights were like this for months. I was beyond exhausted. I had so much anxiety in the late afternoon- anticipating how bad my night would be yet again. Michael was getting sick very often because he wasn't sleeping enough, he got a cold almost straight after he recovered from one. It was horrible. I rang 'parent line' for advice and the kind lady on the phone suggested a sleep nurse, and mentioned sleep angels. I rang and spoke with Genevieve, I immediately felt the confidence in her that she could help us, although I was concerned that my son would be that one baby that her techniques would not work on. She assured me to keep an open mind and her coaching and guiding after the three night stay would help him dramatically. A week after my call for help, my angel arrived, Courtney. My son, who is very cautious and timid to new faces, took to her immediately. Being a mum herself, she knew how to greet a bub for the first time. She was calm, pleasant and warm... It's been 4 weeks since we had our visit from sleep angels and I cannot believe the transformation. Our son goes into the cot at 630-7pm and sleeps through til 6-7am... He does wake through the night, (as we all do) but puts himself back to sleep. Courtney has taught him that. It's what we were missing. And now my son has the independence he needed to self settle. It's like learning to eat. We don't just shove food in front of them and expect them to know what to do... It takes time, and patience. But when your exhausted and tired and are attached to every whimper they make it makes it so hard to 'teach' them how to sleep... I can't thank you enough Courtney and Genevieve. Our lives have changed. My husband doesn't have to see me cry into my pillow at 3am anymore, we can actually sit and watch a movie together after dinner and not worry about our son waking up! I have gotten 8 hours sleep or more for the last 3 weeks and feel like myself again. These women are legit! They are real professionals and are wonderful, gentle women who can help. All my strength and happiness to you, sweet dreams!

Sceptical at first that anything or anyone could settle my active son at night, I was hesitant to spend the money. But after a week of jet lag and a long haul flight I ended up booking Genevieve in a moment of desperation, and aren't I glad I did. She not only put my son to sleep, but my husband and I got 3 date nights in a row while she did it!! Genevieve confidently made herself at home and instantly made us feel relaxed. Being a mother herself made us feel instantly sure that she would take care of our son, so I didn't stress or worry about not being able to go to him when he cried. Plus her calm demeanour and knowledge made her trustworthy from day 1. Genevieve quietly crept out the door at 6am and kept us up to date with email follow ups every morning so we knew how our son had been the night before. It was surreal to wake up after a full nights sleep and have the energy to be able to face the day ahead not feeling fed up or exhausted. After night 3, our son was sleeping through the night, and without his dummy, with only a few cries here or there but nothing we had to get up for. After their visit, we realised Sleep Angel was more than well worth the money and even more valuable than we realised. They not only helped our son into a fabulous routine but they helped us as well.
Thank you, life changing Sleep Angel.

I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing gift you gave us and the twins by teaching them how to sleep. They are now nearly 20 months, have transitioned to one nap a day and sleep so well. Dillon has been known to refuse stories and demand to go to bed on occasion - they both smile and wave bye-bye when we put them down and they so rarely wake overnight. The more I speak to parents of other children of similar age the more I realise how rare this is - and how much we owe you. Very rarely do I meet parents who have toddlers who go to bed easily and sleep through. Everyone needs a visit from the Sleep Angel!! So thank you again - and I imagine we will be booking you again in around 6 months time!!!

I contacted Sleep Angels in a moment of desperation after trying unsuccessfully to rock my very heavy ten month old son to sleep for an hour. As gorgeous as he is, Jacob was a terrible sleeper waking constantly throughout the night and catnapping during the day. My husband and I were hesitant to get any outside help as we were concerned of the long term damage any form of controlled crying may do to Jacob, but chose to contact Genevieve due to her psychology background and a referral from a friend. From the moment we spoke I felt at ease with Genevieve's methods and confident that she could help us. When she arrived at our home Jacob warmed to her immediately. She explained the process for the evening, I fed Jacob and she took over from there. We were amazed he was asleep within twenty minutes! Genevieve was able to instantly identify what techniques would work with Jacob and tailored the sleep training to suit him. A huge sign for us that we had done the right thing was the big smile Jacob gave to Genevieve when she arrived the second night. By the third night he was putting himself to sleep and sleeping through as promised! It's now been six months and we can't believe how long we went without sleep! He consistently sleeps twelve hours a night and long stretches during the day, all settling on his own. We've been on holidays overseas and dealt with sickness and he's still in the same routine. We can't thank Genevieve enough for what she's done for our family. She is warm and loving and just the person you want to help you with your child and we wouldn't hesitate in recommending her or using her again.

When I found out I was pregnant with our first baby I can remember thinking how nice it would be once we had the baby and how after the usual 5 days hospital stay we would be at home as a family, all happy and relaxed, in a nice routine. I had visions of the baby sleeping and me getting all my housework done during the day while my husband was at work, even a bit of cross stitching in there while sitting down to a nice cup of tea. Fast forward to reality and we have a gorgeous but very unhappy 6 month old baby boy named Lucas who will not sleep during the day unless you are giving him a cuddle, who wakes up crying every single time you even think about putting him down anywhere that is not on your chest and who will not sleep more than 10 minutes at a time in his cot. Even when he was awake he wouldn't let us put him down anywhere for longer than 10 minutes without crying. Night time was even worse. We couldn't swaddle him up to sleep in his cot as he was too smart and kept escaping from the wrap, but when we left his arms out he would constantly scare himself awake and then cry for hours. We would stand there looking at each other saying "whats wrong with him!" Unless you were sitting upright on the lounge with Lucas on your chest he would not settle, and even on the lounge on my chest he would still wake at 2am screaming. My husband and I would take it in shifts - me up until 2am or when I would burst into tears from sheer exhaustion - whichever came first - then him from 2am until 6am when he had to get up and go to work.
We were exhausted and yet didn't know what to do. We asked people we knew we got told "he will grow out of it","it will get better", or "all babies do it." I think I came very close to throwing something at the 10th person who said to me "sleep when he sleeps" because the problem was he wasn't sleeping, not for more than 10 minutes anyway. And when he did finally fall asleep I was so on edge waiting for him to wake up, and so stressed out and exhausted I couldn't get to sleep. The internet couldn't help, there were a million different opinions all contradicting each other. I rang up Tresillian and got told there was a 2 month waiting list and that was it. I hung up the phone and burst into tears. I did not know how I was supposed to wait until "he grows out of it" and did not know what else to do. And then one of the lovely nurses from the NICU who we became good friends with (Lucas was in there for 7.5 weeks after he was born, due to me developing pre-eclampsia and him being born 10 weeks early) told me about Sleep Angel. I emailed them and straight away got a phone call from Genevieve. I knew straight away that she just understood exactly how I was feeling. It was like she was inside my head. She was so caring and understanding and I knew that we had to get her to come out for the 3 night stay. When Genevieve arrived it was like greeting an old friend, we all sat down and chatted and it was like we had been friends for years. She never made us feel like we were failures (which lets face it is exactly how I was feeling) and explained how babies think and how they react to different things and why Lucas was actually doing the things he was doing. The first night was hard listening to him learning how settle himself and a new way of doing things, but we knew he was in safe hands. By the 2nd night it was like he was a completely different baby. I was a little nervous wondering if we could actually do it ourselves after Genevieve had left. I had so many questions with different little things that I would worry I was doing the wrong thing or not doing something properly but I knew when I stopped worrying and just remembered the advice she had given us that we would be fine. Being able to contact her to check if we weren't sure of something though, and knowing we had a friend and not just a visitor made the world of difference. Its only been 2 weeks since Genevieve came over but already our little man now regularly sleeps 12 hours a night (only occasionally waking if his teeth are hurting as he is teething at the moment) and he has his naps happily through the day in his cot. I put him down and he goes to sleep within 5 minutes. He is happy to play now and the only time he cries now is when he is hungry, instead of in "the before time" (as we like to call it) when he would just cry from morning to night. We can not thank Genevieve and Sleep Angel enough and will always be grateful to Genevieve for helping us and our gorgeous Lucas get back our sleep filled nights and our sanity. Thank you so much Genevieve. Love always Lisa (mum), John (dad) and Lucas (6.5 months) xxx

Nikki had always been a very bad sleeper; very restless sleeps at night and short naps during the day. Her night sleeps had gotten worse and worse as she got dependent on her dummy following a period of tummy pains, and around 6 months old we would get up around 15 times a night, every night, to put her back to sleep. I was dreading going to bed every night as I knew as soon as my head hit the pillow, she would start crying. The lack of sleep and endless night-wakings were taking a serious toll on our relationship, jobs and everyday life. At 8 months we finally asked Genevieve to come help us, and it was the best decision we made for us and for Nikki, and the best money spent ever. Genevieve saved the day, our marriage and jobs! Nikki loved Genevieve from the second she stepped through the door and with very minimal crying, and a lot of gentle kindness, Genevieve took the dummy away from her and taught her to self-settle during the night which let to sleeping through over the three nights she spent with us. We couldn't believe it: We held our breaths as we went to bed the first night without Genevieve, and Nikki slept through from 6.30pm to 6.30am! Over the subsequent weeks we had ups and downs including illness, and a trip to Europe with jetlag and during which I had to give her the dummy to get her through the long flights, but she kept up the good sleeping skills she had learned and kept going back to her routine and solid night sleeps. Any parent who is completely sleep- deprived will understand what a relief and what a little miracle that is! We now all sleep well through the night most nights and look forward to seeing our smiley little girl in the morning! I cannot recommend Genevieve highly enough! She is confident, professional, kind and just amazing at what she does.


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