Gentle support available for your family

Sleep Angel provides support for the new (and not so new!) parents and their children. Sleep Angel’s techniques are gentle and based on working with thousands of families as well as the latest international research on treating sleep problems in infants and children.

We can help you with

Sleep Guidance

Unfortunately what many people don’t know is that babies and children actually need to learn to sleep! It is not a skill they are born with. We can provide guidance on sleep difficulties

Routine Establishment

Routine creates a sense of security for babies and toddlers. If things are predictable for your child then he/she knows what to expect next and what is expected of them. We can help you establish a routine.

Behaviour Modification

Whether  your two year old has suddenly refused to go to bed without stalling for an hour , or your 18 month old is biting everyone one who comes near them… we can help.

Post-Natal Support

Sleep Angel can help you transition from hospital to home. We provide support for you once you and bub are back from hospital.

Happy Families

  • I just wanted to say thank you so much…. You were the answer to our prayers! No one tells you how important it is to teach your baby to self-settle…. Millie now puts herself to sleep with no fuss at all, settles herself back to sleep if she wakes up, sleeps longer than 40 minutes during the day and now sleeps through the night. This is how it should be. I can now enjoy my beautiful, long awaited baby girl. Thank you so much Genevieve.

  • If it weren’t for Genevieve, we would still be getting up every couple of hours overnight to attend to our second daughter, Sally. Right up until the age of 7 months, Sally was a very unpredictable sleeper and we eventually realised that we didn’t have the knowledge, or more importantly, the strength to deal with it any other way than the usual – putting the dummy back in, continuous night time feedings and co-sleeping.

    Rachel & David
  • Thank you Genevieve for putting us on track and giving us a normal night time. I would not hesitate in recommending Genevieve to any parents looking for help with their children..

    Meredith & Jason
  • Our baby Derby coslept with me for the first 3 months of his life because I wanted to be close to him but also because he was waking so often it was easier to have him next to me. When he was 3 months old we tried controlled crying for 20minutes one night but I was an emotional wreck and hated every second of it. That’s when we called on Genevieve. My friend recommended her and described her as a “good girlfriend you can talk to”. From our first phone call I knew we were going to get along great and sure enough Genevieve’s sunny personality is impossible not to like. She was so confident that my husband and I became very confident – even when we heard him crying that first night we knew he was in good hands. She never left his side and she can somehow tolerate even the most horrid and unrelenting crying! Her patience is infinite and her poise is unquestionable. We will definitely use her again for Derby if needed and for all of our future babies!

    Diana & Simon

To the sleep deprived parent, from Genevieve

I am the owner and founder of Sleep Angel. I love running long distances and eating chocolate! and as a mother of two young children, I get it. I get the juggle and the never ending “to do” list and the guilt. Just as I have helped many, many families before you, I can help you! I love being able to get to know a family, their needs and sleep goals. I understand your cry for help (which is usually along the lines of “I can not function and I NEED more sleep!”). There is no “one size fits all” approach. Every family is unique and every child is unique. I can tailor a gentle, effective plan to help your family quickly to get your evenings and your nights back.

Don’t waste another day being sleep deprived and wondering how you’re going to get through the day. Let me help you get your sleep and sanity back, so you can get some rest and do what you love to do.

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