Sleep Angel Overnight Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to change anything before my Sleep Angel arrives?

Depending on your individual situation there may be quite a few things we will help you with when we visit you. We may support your child to move away from the dummy, wrap, night feeds, cosleeping, night wakening’s, early morning wakening’s or any combination of these. For this process to be successful it is important that these changes are made in a supportive, responsive and consistent manner. This is very difficult to do when you are exhausted! So we would advise that you continue doing whatever it is that you have been doing until our visit. That way you can avoid unnecessary stress, and you also don’t need to worry about trying to make any changes without a specific plan. There is nothing that you will do between now and our visit that will change the outcome of our support. During our visit we will systematically support you and your child to reach your family’s sleep

What things do I need to prepare for my Sleep Angel’s visit?

It would be great if you have a space that your angel can retire to whilst your little one is sleeping. This could be a spare bedroom or lounge area. If you are likely to be relaxing in your lounge area and this is the only space you have available for your angel OR you do not have a spare bedroom available, please let us know and we will bring a “bed in a bag” that we can set up somewhere close to your child. Please let us know if we need to bring our own bedding (pillow, blanket etc) as this can easily be arranged. It is preferable that your angel can rest somewhere other than your child’s room, but if this is the only space available then that is ok.

Do I need to provide dinner for my Sleep Angel?

We encourage you to make the most of our visit and go out on date nights if you would like to (or go out with friends or go and do something nice for yourself!) Many families either have not been out since their child was born or they have not been able to have someone mind their child on a regular basis. Even families who are lucky enough to have regular date nights can still enjoy a few nights out while we are visiting! If you are eating in and would like your angel to join you in your meal OR you would like to provide dinner for your angel please let us know and we will not bring dinner that night. Otherwise your Sleep Angel will provide all of their own meals, snacks and drinks.

What do I need to do at bedtime and during the night when my child wakes?

Many families that we support make the most of these three nights and catch up on sleep themselves. Some even stay elsewhere, like a hotel or family member’s place where it is blissfully quiet and sleep inducing!!! If you have a bedtime routine, which works well for you and your family, then please do this as normal. The only bit that will need to change is if you are feeding, rocking, patting, cuddling your child off to sleep. If this is the case, then you will do your usual wind down up until this point and then your angel will take over the settling process. You are then free to go out for dinner, or go off to bed or just chill and watch TV!!! If you do not have a bedtime routine that works for your family, your angel will advise you what steps will best help you achieve your goals. Your angel will respond to your child when they wake overnight and support them to learn how to self settle. You do not need to do anything overnight other then catch up on sleep! We recommend getting yourself some ear plugs and just enjoy being “off duty”. We will have no hesitation in waking you up if we think your child is unwell.

Will there be much crying involved in this process?

Each and every child has a different temperament and personality. Some children are easy going and adapt easily to different situations and some children are very sensitive and benefit from more support to adapt to change. Sleep Angel specialises in supporting children to learn how to settle well at bedtime as well as through the night without relying on any sleep props (feeds, co sleeping, rocking, etc). The age of your child and the number of things that need to change are also factors in this process. Our settling techniques are individualized for each child, taking into account all of these differences. While these techniques are highly effective, children respond initially in different ways. Your angel will focus on learning how your child responds to these techniques and will modify these techniques as your child gets familiar and comfortable with the new routines and habits. Some children respond to changes in settling routines by crying. This is normal, as crying is sometimes one
of the only ways they have of communicating feelings. Rest assured that your child will never be left on their own to cry if they are upset or distressed in any way

Can you give any guarantees that this process will be successful for my child?

Although Sleep Angel cannot give you any guarantees, we have worked with hundreds and hundreds of families over the past 10 years and we have a very high success rate with these families in reaching their sleep goals. Sleep Angel does not use a one-size fits all approach, but instead gets to know your child and your family and tailors support, which will assist you in reaching your sleep goals. Sleep Angel also works very closely with other pediatric specialists including; pediatricians, pediatric dietitians, dental surgeons and ear, nose and throat specialists. We would have no hesitation in recommending your family resolve other issues firstly which may be impacting your child’s sleep from
a physical perspective if we thought this was necessary. This ensures that any difficulties that your child is experiencing are definitely behaviourally based

What can your angels do that we can’t?

As we are one step removed from being emotionally attached to your child, we are able to make rational decisions about what they need and how to best support them. This is not to say that you don’t know them best and that you don’t know what to do, it’s just very hard to do it when you are exhausted and you know what is going to get everyone back off to sleep the quickest! Think night feeds, co sleeping, dummy etc! So given that we are not exhausted and we know baby sleep behaviour back to front, we can support your child in a consistent way, which gently supports your family to reach their sleep goals.

How do I support my child with their new skills during the day with their day sleeps?

Overnight your angel will keep a record of what has happened through the night in terms of your child being awake and how long it took them to resettle etc. We will email a summary of this to you before we leave in the morning at 6am. We will also advise you on how best to continue supporting your child with their new skills during the day if they are still having day sleeps.

How will I know what to do after the overnight support?

After our support, we will send you detailed guidelines before your child’s bedtime, describing how to continue supporting your child with their new self-settling skills. You will know exactly what to do and when! Included in the overnight support program is one month’s unlimited follow up support for the Three Night Program and one week’s follow up support for the single overnight support, so you willbe able contact us with any questions or concerns and we will be able to work through these with you. We will provide you with more information on the follow up support in your guidelines after our