Happy Families

Alex (5 months)

“Thank you so much Genevieve. You truly are a “sleep angel”. We feel privileged to have
met you and really, really appreciate the work you have put in to our darling little boy and
also in reassuring and teaching us effective sleep techniques for the future. Thank you for
being non-judgemental, flexible and honest – it has helped to rebuild our confidence as
parents and our love for each other once again”.

Daniel (6 months)

“Genevieve is a God send to all first time parents! She successfully took the dummy and
wrap away from our son, in one go. The process was no drama and was so easy for her to
do. We were finding it difficult to make this transition”.

Zara (11 months)

“Genevieve’s warm gentle ways made Zara feel safe and loved while someone else other
than mummy was attending to her throughout the nights. I got 3 nights of uninterrupted
sleep and Zara was already sleeping most of the night already. I have even included her in
Zara’s baby book under memorable moments as Genevieve truly is a special person in our

Xavior (5 months)

“After 4.5 months, my youngest son Xavier needed help. He woke up at least 6 times every
night and could not put himself back to sleep. The Sleep Angel changed my life. She gave
me my nights back to share with my husband, and she she gave me my sleep!!!!
I am happy to say that after Genevieve stayed with us, my son sleeps through EVERY night.”.

Lily (1 year)

“We are thrilled with Genevieve’s service. We have gone from having a one year old
daughter we had to physically rock to sleep (up to an hour at a time) and she would sleep
approx 6 hours of broken sleep a night, to a happy little girl who goes to bed with NO
ROCKING and sleeps 12 hours a night. Whilst the process wasn’t easy for us, we totally
trusted Genevieve, who supported us the entire way and got miraculous results within a
couple of weeks. We have our sanity back, my Husband and I spend time together each
night and our little girl no longer has bags under her eyes. We thought our daughter was
“just a bad sleeper” and there was nothing we could do about it. It has restored order to our

Ella (7 months)

“Genevieve is fantastic!!! My partner and I were so skeptical at first as our daughter who
was 7 months was waking every two hours looking for her dummy or to be breastfed. I was
also very adverse to controlled crying and any emotional distress a ‘sleep trainer’ was going
to cause. After having Genevieve over I immediately felt comfortable, she was so supportive
and warm hearted. We then watched as Genevieve gently transformed her sleep habits and
after three nights, I woke up at 7am to the happiest little girl who had slept 12 hours
straight! It has been 3 months and she sleeps 11 hours every night without waking!”.

Cooper (9 months) & Adie (3 yrs)

“”Words cannot describe how sleep deprived and exhausted I was when I contacted
Genevieve. I had imagined baby number two would be much easier, however, it was a
completely different experience. I was able to breastfeed this time around and I was really
enjoying it. I am not too sure how, when or why our problems started with our little baby
boy but after struggling with two hourly feeds day and night and feeding him off to sleep
each time I knew that I needed help as I did not know where to begin. I called Genevieve
who came to my assistance within a week for a day visit. She gave me guidelines to use with
breastfeeding, solids and sleeping during the day which worked really well. Genevieve also
helped me establish a daily routine to suit both our children which was invaluable to our
family unit. She then came to stay for three nights. My husband and I felt very comfortable
and confident handing our baby over to Genevieve on the first night who taught him how to
get off to sleep on his own without the use of breastfeeding and a dummy. He cried on and
off during that night which was hard to listen to, however, Genevieve would talk us through
everything that has going on in his room to reassure us. On the second night our little boy
got himself off to sleep and only stirred a couple of times during the night. Amazing! On the
third night not only did he get himself off to sleep but he slept the whole night through!
Totally amazing! Two months has now passed since Genevieve’s visit and we cannot believe
how wonderful our family life is again… We have a thriving, healthy and happy baby boy
who loves his sleep, we have a beautiful little girl who is in bed and asleep by 7:00pm and
now my husband and I actually get to spend our time together in the evenings. Bliss! We
often say Genevieve was worth her weight in gold and that it was the best money we ever
invested into our family. Thank you Genevieve for your continuing advice, kindness,
generosity and support to our family”.”.

Kellie (10 months)

“Hiring someone to teach our daughter to “sleep through” was something my husband and I
discussed for a long time. We went back and forth on whether or not we could really justify
getting someone we didn’t know to do a job we thought we should be able to do ourselves
as good parents. At 9.5 months though we hit the end of our patience. Our daughter was
waking multiple times in the night and we didn’t agree on how to fix the situation. Finally
we decided, albeit a bit hesitantly, to have Genevieve come and do nights.
It was the best decision we could’ve made as parents. In hindsight we realized that we could
not have done this job without her help. Genevieve showed us the difference in her cries
and what methods to use to help her sleep. Kellie is sleeping through the night and waking
up happily, talking to herself and playing in her cot till we go in and get her. And all this
without controlled crying!
We both really respected Genevieve straight from the start- and not just as a knowledgeable
sleep nurse, but we felt extremely comfortable having her in our home. Genevieve =